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Hi all, thank you for visiting my blog.  Starting today, I am documenting  my finance journey. This blog will cover topics around my personal finances and investing experience, strategy, success and failures. I am relatively a new investor and each step of this journey I am working toward becoming a well rounded investor and ultimately build a solid financial future for myself and my family.

I am writing this blog to:

  1. Help me gather and organize my thoughts and reinforce my goals
  2. Share my learnings, insights, success and failures
  3. Take initiative and action
  4. Improve on my financial literacy
  5. Become a better writer and gain writing confidence (if that make sense)

I heard today from a wise friend, when you write, you ultimately become a better person; so let me see if that becomes true.

What to expect?

I bought this domain over a year ago thinking that I was going to be start writing right away.  But my handicap in writing and procrastination held me back.   Writing has always been a challenge for me. I am not much of a writer so please bear with me on grammar and punctuations. I have lifetime of bad habits but I will  work to get better over time.  The good news is that I have at least a year worth’s of invaluable investment lessons that I can share, since that’ when all began for me. So next few weeks I will be writing bunch of blogs to share my experience.


An Average American Family ( Part 1 – Drowning In Debt)


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Jona Hyun

My name is Jona Hyun. I'm an user experience and web designer by trade and a student of investing by passion. I am relatively new to the field of investing and I am pursuing to become a smarter investor. I am currently investing in Real Estate and looking to broaden my investment knowledge and portfolio.

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3 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Cho-Young says:

    Great to see you making goals and meeting them; no only that, you're willing to be vulnerable to the public for greater gain in sharing. I love this. It's wonderful to see you happy with your wife and daughter, too – oh, what years have passed since our last encounter! I wish you all the best on this financial journey.

    • Jona Hyun says:

      Hi Liz, thanks for your feedback and your wishes! I’ve been feeling inspired lately which make me want to do more. From personal growth to sharing my learnings. I think you appreciate more being an educator. And, It’s great to see you are enjoying life to the fullest wherever you are. It shows that you have passion for what you do, especially with group of kids you teach that you are proud of. Keep on Rockin. Till next time. Best!

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