$38,075.09 Per Day Water Bill – A Short Disaster

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waterbillYes, you read it right. I got an actual water bill from City of Norwood for $38,075.09. And if I don’t pay by the due date, it goes up to $39,921.20. What’s even more crazy is that this was a single day consumption, billing period 3/1/15 – 3/1/15.

Last night, I went to check on on a rental property I closed recently and I saw my first water bill that came in the mail. I opened the bill thinking it may be $30 or so..but I noticed far more digits on the bill, DUE $38,075.09… I had to do a double, a triple take.. I could of almost dropped to the floor, i saw dark spots… I thought for a moment someone was playing tricks on me or was I in a very bad dream?.. It’s gotta be a mistake, a computer glitch…Immediately, all different scenarios ran through my head.. What if the bill wasn’t a mistake? Could there be a large water leak under ground that I’m not seeing or hearing.. Damn.. Just when I was catching a break, things are falling over. Is this the end of Hyun Empire? Should I have done more thorough inspection of the waterline before buying this house?.. What if the leak is continuing and I’m getting billed for it?

At $38k/day rate, did I already owe over a million dollars?

Complete Nightmare

The bill was for March 1st only and today is the 27h.. Just doing a quick math in my head.. $38k x 27 is over a million dollars.. Oh my GOD.. please help me.. Who can i call now? It’s already 9pm, the water department is closed. Each day I wait, it could be another $38,000 dollars.. I need to march down to the city office soon as the building opens.. it was one of the longest wait ever.. like sitting in after the surgery, waiting for the doctor to tell you the bad news… I was shaking. I somehow ended up in a nightmare and it was getting little bit harder to breath.. All of this didn’t make sense.

And to think I was I just having such good day yesterday which I published an Epic Blog about how wonderful my life is with all kinds of positive feedback from people on Facebook and my blog post.. and that same night,.. I get hit with this ridiculous bill.. I was completely devastated. Where is the freaking window..? Ok. I kid.. Or at least a wall i can bang my head against? I need to think straight…

Internet Fail

Internet is good for a lot things, but it can take you down the wrong path.. Like the time when I was looking for my first beginner motorcycle. I was shopping around for a scooter and but the mouse have a mind of it’s own and I ended up getting Yamaha R6, super sport bike that is not for the faint of heart and certain not for a beginner. Same thing here, while waiting for tomorrow, my anxiety grew by the minute throughout the night.. and the more I searched online about similar water bill disasters.. I uncovered various nightmarish cases in other cities where city and owner had disputes on who should pay for it.. Major waterline leaks.. homeowner responsibility… etc.. I was just following the worst case scenarios stories one after another.. Even stories from Australia and Germany.. I finally fell asleep and I kept on waking up with a nightmares.

First Trip to the Water Department

Soon as they opened, I rushed to the office.. I took my bill and shared with Debbie at the water department. i know the water department by first names now.. I’m barely keeping my composure but she didn’t seem to be phase by it, like she seen it before, and she said she has. She was very nice about it. But she said I had to wait till Becky, who takes care of this kind of matter. She will be in the office later.. or

“We may have to wait till Monday.” .. What?? I’m thinking in my head, that could be another $120,000. ($40k x 3)..

“We will work with you on this”. What does this mean? Half and half? one third? i still can’t afford it.. I might have to drop this house.. But,again she had calm about her that helped me ease my mind just a little, enough to go to work. I thanked her and told her i’ll check back in the afternoon.

Last Day at Work

On top of this dramatic day.. It was my last day at Vantiv, my job… I strolled in late, with co-workers already worried about me because I texted Juli, my co-worker the night before.. Sitting in relatively quiet day at the office, I still had high level of anxiety about this water ordeal and I just couldn’t keep my mind off of it. And adding to the level of stress, saying good byes to co-workers was not easy. I had past two weeks to prepare, starting with countless farewell lunches but when it came down to the final day and the hours, it was very tough. My boss Cathy said it’s like losing another son.. I know she said it half jokingly but I will miss her too. I wished everyone farewell.. It was hard to let go of the people and the project I’ve been with for so long, but I’ve made my decision and it was time for me to move on.. Everyone was so nice and I wished them the very best.

Second Trip to the Water Department

I said my good byes and got out of work by 4, and I shot straight down to Water office in the hopes of catching Becky.. Come on traffic, get out my way.. I really gotta get down there.. I can’t wait three more days to hear the bad news.. God if you are listening, please help me.. I’m sorry I missed church… for the past six months.

text2I Can Kiss You

I rushed into the water office with a high level of anxiety.. I was greeted by Angela, (who is an attractive young female water works specialist) but her name may as well be Angel, because she was my Angel and the one who told me the good news in a stunning way. 

Oh.. I was about to call you.. We talked to Becky and we adjusted your bill. We got your balance down to 0.” with a smile.

She was glowing when she said it. I think I saw a halo above her head. And she went on to explain, when the water guy came several weeks ago to put in a new water meter, the computer that read the water meter was measuring against the old meter system so there was a glitch on the bill (or something along that line). Similar incidents happened to other people.

Thank you Lord and the hardworking people at Norwood Water Department.. I will love you forever.

 Sorry to be so dramatic but this experience really shook me..

Lesson Learned

  1. Water bill ain’t nothing to be messed with.
  2. I’m doing a detailed waterline check on any future properties I invest in.
  3. I’m opening my bills right away.

Positive of the Day

Since I saved myself at least a million dollars today, I went out and bought a hopefully a good used car. Actually, it was planned.. I needed something with more room. No more wasting countless hours looking at craigslist car section. I can spend that time more productively now like spending time with the family or writing more blogs like this one..

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  1. Galia Hyun says:

    I liked your sense of humor 🙂 wow great job remembering people that work for city if norwoo

  2. Jona Hyun says:

    Thanks. They are good people

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